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What is Tugg?

  • Tugg is a platform that helps fans bring their favorite alternative content to theaters across the country.
  • Tugg creates community-driven events turning social interest into action.
  • Crowdsourced screenings show theaters that there’s enough demand for a film event if enough pre-sold tickets are sold before the deadline..

How does Tugg work?

  • Events will only happen if enough tickets are reserved in advance to meet the threshold, so spread the word to your friends and family!
  • Tugg emails tickets to attendees when threshold is met
  • If an event does not meet threshold before its deadline, the screening will be called off and no one is charged for their ticket reservation.

My city doesn’t have a screening. How can I see The Resurrection of Gavin Stone in theaters?

  • Visit the Host A Screening page [hyperlink to Host A Screening page] for more information on how to bring “The Resurrection of Gavin Stone” to your city! Have questions? Email support@tugginc.com

What if an event sells out?

  • Tugg will do their best to upgrade quickly to a larger house and even add a second screening when possible
  • Click “Follow Event” on the event page to be notified if more tickets become available.

Can I buy tickets at the door at the theater?

  • No, tickets need to be purchased through the event page. Tickets will remain on sale up until 4 hours prior to the event, pending availability.

I can’t find my tickets?

  • Tickets will only be emailed once the event meets threshold. Be sure to check your spam folder! If you still can't find your tickets email support@tugginc.com